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Cost Savings, Greener Driving, Improved Safety

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Published: November 28, 2008
Source: SAFED
The Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving Scheme

SAFED is high quality driver development training with proven, significant fuel saving benefits.

The one-day SAFED course (for Van and HGV drivers) involves a mix of classroom and on-the-road tuition and teaches the use of driving techniques such as better use of gears, keeping correct distances to avoid hard braking, and an overall awareness of fuel economy and road layout.

The government initiated SAFED in 2003 with funding to develop the training material, the trainer pool and to demonstrate the safety and fuel saving benefits to the freight industry. The training industry and the freight industry responded to this initiative with some 12,000 truck drivers and 7,500 van drivers being trained to date under the scheme in England.

SAFED training Guides exist for both the HGV driver and van driver trainers. These are available from the Freight Best Practice programme and can be downloaded from or ordered from the Hotline on 0845 877 0 877. In addition case studies of HGV fleets using SAFED have been published and case studies of van fleets are soon to be published.


SAFED has real benefits in terms of fuel efficiency and safer driving: Safer driving means: less injuries/fatalities on our roads, less accident damage to vehicles, less unproductive downtime for vehicle repair, improved environmental performance and the potential for reduced insurance premiums. Fuel efficiency means: lower costs, improved profit margins and reduced emissions.

One example of the benefits is from average performance figures across SAFED van driver training days producing 16% fuel consumption reduction, 56% reduction in driver faults and 34% reduction of the number of gear changes. The fuel consumption reduction alone represents a saving of up to £500 of fuel per vehicle per annum, depending on mileage.