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We arw making a selection of our reference collection available online, gathered together in one place, to aid in public research and education regarding eco-driving initiatives and benefits, as well as related subject materials. This collection will grow in size and functionality as time permits. When available, we will link directly to the source for each document.
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Ecodriving as a Policy to Reduce Emissions

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Published: November 29, 2007
Source: Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management (The Netherlands)
22 November 2007, International Transport Forum, Jeroen van den Berg, Coordinator Dutch ecodriving programme "Het Nieuwe Rijden"

Contents •NL ecodriving programme •The Netherlands‟ Climate change mitigation goals and strategy in the transport sector •Ecodriving as part of strategy •Conclusions

Programme to positively influence attitude and behaviour of car users and fleet owners: to drive more calm and comfortable

•Profit: lower costs (and less CO2-reduction) and more traffic safety...