Eco-Driving Reference Library

We arw making a selection of our reference collection available online, gathered together in one place, to aid in public research and education regarding eco-driving initiatives and benefits, as well as related subject materials. This collection will grow in size and functionality as time permits. When available, we will link directly to the source for each document.
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Policies for America's Future: Restoring Our Economic Strength and Shaping Our Energy Future

16 pages | 2.03 Mb
Published: May 15, 2009
Source: America's Oil and Natural Gas Industry
The United States is at an historic turning point for the country and its energy policies. The political campaigns are over and the real work must now begin. In order to encourage a constructive public policy debate that leads to a new fact-based comprehensive energy policy, API has assembled this primer. Now more than ever – in this time of financial crisis -- our nation needs to move away from the energy politics that have failed so badly over the past decades and get to work putting our nation's own resources to work for American consumers.