How Works: A Brief Overview

FuelClinic™ software will accurately calculate and track your actual gas mileage online easily, will teach you safe and efficient driving techniques that will improve your gas mileage, and will help you monitor your progress as you continue to practice better driving techniques.

You will save money, cut your green house gas (GHG) emissions, and help reduce our dependence on foreign oil - all at the same time. Join the thousands who already use FuelClinic™ to become safer, smarter, fuel efficient drivers.

It's very easy to start working with the tools available inside

Create a account here - it's FREE, fast, and easy to do. Then you can add each of your family vehicles into your FuelClinic Garage, tracking the fuel usage details on each separately.
Begin keeping your fuel receipts every time you buy fuel for your vehicle. Write your current vehicle odometer reading on the receipt before you drive away from the fuel pump.

Keep at least two consecutive receipts. The more receipts you enter into the system, the more accurate your trend analysis will be.

TIP: For best results, always fill your tank to "FULL" - but don't overfill - and keep receipts (with odometer reading added) for every fill-up.

- then -

- or -

You can elect to log all of the required information instead of keeping the actual fuel receipts. You can log this information manually, or create an Excel Spreadsheet that can be imported into your FuelClinic account.
Download printable worksheet « Download a printable fuel-receipt worksheet.
Download spreadsheet « Download a fuel-receipt spreadsheet log that you can import into your FuelClinic account later.
Enter the information stored on your fuel receipts into the Fuel Receipt Form for each vehicle. You can keep your entire fueling history organized here. Edit or delete mistakes using these easy tools. You can print out the entire history, or export it into various data formats.

Sample Fuel Receipt Form

That's it - that's all you need to do to get a handle on your fuel usage using the tools in the Fuel Clinic. The software will take the information that you enter, and over time will create accurate mileage and usage trends for each vehicle in your FuelClinic Garage.

Sample Vehicle Summary Display

There are also tools that track more detailed information, and some graphs and reports require more than just your fuel receipts.

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Avoid piling a lot of luggage on the roof rack. The added frontal area reduces aerodynamics and will hurt fuel economy, reducing it by as much as 5 percent. Remove excess weight from the vehicle. Unnecessary weight, such as unneeded items in the trunk, makes the engine work harder and consumes more fuel.
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